Sedation Dentistry in Grass Valley, CA

Pine Hills Dentistry is dedicated to providing our patients in Grass Valley, CA with a comfortable, stress-free dental experience. We understand that each patient has unique healthcare needs, and by discussing them with you, we can identify the most appropriate and safest sedation method for your procedure or level of dental anxiety. 

Our sedation dentistry options in Grass Valley, CA include: 

Laughing Gas

dental operatory inside of Pine Hills Dentistry in Grass Valley, CALaughing gas, or inhalation sedation, is a gentle sedation method for patients who feel nervous about dental visits, including kids and adults. You breathe in a clear, odor-free gas with a comfy mask. Dr. Joseph Miller adjusts how much gas you get so it's always safe and comfortable. This type of sedation keeps you relaxed but awake, and you can still listen and respond to your dentist. 

IV Sedation

At Pine Hills Dentistry, we offer IV sedation, also known as sleep dentistry, for a calm and anxiety-free dental visit. This method is perfect for patients who feel anxious, have special needs, or are undergoing complex or long treatments.

Unlike general anesthesia, IV sedation calms you through medications given directly into your bloodstream, promoting relaxation and often causing you to forget the procedure entirely. Dr. Miller, who has specialized training in sedation in Grass Valley, CA, ensures each patient's experience is safe and custom-fit to their needs. 

IV sedation offers numerous advantages for a filling, dental crown, or more significant oral surgery: it eases dental fears, enables multiple treatments in fewer visits, and minimizes your time off work. Our dedicated team prioritizes your comfort and safety to help make your dental care as stress-free as possible.

Learn More About Sedation Dentistry with Pine Hills Dentistry

Are you nervous about seeing the dentist? At Pine Hills Dentistry, our sedation dentistry services aim to make your dental visit worry-free and comfortable. Schedule your appointment at our Grass Valley, CA office today. 

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