Dental Membership Plan at Pine Hills Dentistry

No dental insurance? Uninsured patients can still save on the quality dental care they deserve with the exclusive in-house dental savings membership at Pine Hills Dentistry! We created an in-house membership to provide our patients with the care they deserve at affordable costs.

How Does the Dental Savings Membership Work?

scheduling desk inside of Pine Hill Dentistry in Grass Valley, CADuring your comprehensive dental exam, we will assess your smile and recommend the appropriate treatment. One of our staff members will create your custom treatment plan, and enroll you in the PHD Discount Dental Plan, providing you with an immediate 20% discount on your dental treatments.

Next, our Treatment Plan Coordinator will help create a monthly payment plan to fit your lifestyle. The Scheduling Coordinator will begin appointing you for care, and you'll be ready to save on your upcoming dental treatments!

What’s Included in the Pine Hills Dentistry In-House Membership?

Our team understands that even with dental insurance, dental care can be very expensive. That's why we have created an exclusive in-house membership that can allow you to spread your treatment throughout the year and pay a manageable monthly payment while we provide your treatment. 

As a member of the Pine Hills Dental family, you will enjoy discounts on all treatments, membership benefits, monthly payment plans to fit your lifestyle, and excellent dental care. Above all, we want to help you achieve and maintain excellent oral health.

Enrollment in our PHD discount dental plan includes:

  • Annual dental exam
  • 2 hygiene cleanings
  • 4 diagnostic bitewing X-rays
  • Yearly CBCT 3D with head and neck cone beam X-ray (as needed)
  • Unlimited CBCT for implant patients (before, during, after implant surgery)
  • Free wisdom tooth consultations
  • Free initial implant consultations
  • 50% discount on limited evaluations
  • Free post-op care
  • Zero credit check
  • Monthly payments

What are the Membership Requirements?

  • Minimum 25% Down based on treatment plan cost (tier)
  • Monthly payments evenly divided, not to exceed 12 months
  • Major credit or debit card for automatic monthly payment withdrawal (no exception)
  • Willingness to spread treatment throughout the payment term

Dental Financing & Membership Plan Eligibility Requirements FAQs

Dr. Joseph Miller's Pine Hills Dentistry business cardQ: Will you check my credit?
A: No, we will not perform a credit check

Q: What if the monthly payments are still too high for me?
A: You can either pay a higher down payment, or the doctor can prioritize your treatment plan, placing certain treatment needs on hold until the following year (split the treatment).

Q: Why do I have to spread out the treatment? Why can’t I just do it in as few appointments as possible?
A: This is to ensure that the difference between treatment completed and balance due does not exceed 30% of treatment cost (usually about two months worth of monthly payments).You can minimize appointments by increasing the down payment.

Q: Can I schedule sedation dentistry services with the membership plan?
A: You can still have sedation, but you may have to have more than one sedation appointment.

Save On Your Care with Pine Hills Dentistry

Ready to save on your family's dental care? Contact us today to schedule your visit and save with our in-house membership program!

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